Soon...technical inspection of your bag at the airport will become a thing of the past

With the deployment of new generations of 3D scanners at European airports, boarding security checks should become more flexible, which will contribute to speeding up procedures.

Emptying your bag in front of airport security guards can cause emotional pain. If you put a large container of cosmetic liquids, for example, security personnel may force you to get rid of them.

But today these small inconveniences are about to disappear, thanks to the advent of scanners that provide a high-definition 3D image of the contents of your luggage in the cabin.

New 3D scanners have become able to distinguish liquid explosives from other liquids at airports, speeding up security checks, and in some countries, the 100ml cabin liquid limit has been abolished.

But generally reasonable prohibitions remain, as with sharp weapons, firearms or explosives, for example.


By Mahdi Salem